A true film nut, David has had much of his educational and technical background, as well as work experience, revolve around his passion for cinema. As a spectator, and as a tradesman, his appreciation for the medium continues to grow, with ambition of eventually making his own contributions at the more creative level. On set, he's typically referred to as the "boom guy". Some credits include television programs like "Degrassi TNG", "Flashpoint", "The Next Step", and the upcoming "Spun Out" starring Dave Foley.

‘Breaking the 4th Wall’

“You talkin’ to me?” – Travis Bickle (played by Robert De Niro), ‘Taxi Driver’ When De Niro utters the famous above dialogue in the film ‘Taxi Driver’, he is actually directing it towards his reflection in the mirror. But the life De Niro breathes into the sequence, coupled with the angle of his delivery suggest a different orientation: towards the… Read more →


“Rare Exports Inc.” (2003) – The REAL Truth Behind Santa Claus

You’ve been deceived all along! I’m sorry to be the one to tell you. Santa Claus, as you were brought up to believe, is NOT who you think he is. Haven’t you always wondered how he could ever visit all the children in the world in one night? Not to mention, having the kind of omniscience he has, knowing how… Read more →

Gravity Spinoff “Aningaaq” – A MUST WATCH SHORT FILM

SPOILER ALERT! READ BEFORE YOU WATCH! If you have yet to see “Gravity”, be warned that “Aningaaq”, a companion short film to the Bullock & Clooney blockbuster, may contain a minor spoiler. This short film, to be featured as a bonus on the upcoming “Gravity” DVD/Bluray release, is directed by Jonás Cuarón – son of Gravity’s Alfonso Cuarón. In it we… Read more →