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The Boy With A Camera Face – SHORT FILM OF THE DAY

“The Boy with a Camera for a Face is satirical fairy tale about a boy born with a camera instead of a head, whose every moment is transformed by the fact he is recording it. Accompanied by a voice over narration read by Steven Berkoff, the film tells an epic story in fifteen minutes about the way we live today.”… Read more →



It has been half a year since I graduated from Toronto’s Ryerson University’s Film studies program and I decided to conduct a list of some things I learned during my time in this 4 year Bachelor of Arts program. In all honestly, most of the knowledge was gained by personal experience outside of the school but the school did provide insight… Read more →


  In celebration of the travelling Magna Carta exhibit coming to Fort York, the City of Toronto is hosting a short film competition for post-secondary film, media, and new media students. In 30 secs to 3 mins, tell us the significance of the 800 year old Magna Carta today. Submit through your school by September 15, 2015 for the chance… Read more →

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Valley of the Dolls Revisited: The Enduring Art of Awfulness

Article By I. M. Clarke Years ago, during a somewhat strained interview, I asked the director of a feature-length Canadian film why he’d said his work was destined to be a cult hit?  He replied that, after studying the most prominent cult films, he had compiled common characteristics and somehow melded them with his plodding narrative. Obviously, he missed the… Read more →



Take a look at this video we created for a special event called Splash of Style that happened in Toronto on June 20, 2015. Fusing together the worlds of Music, Art, Fashion, Food, and Philanthropy, it was a unique night indeed. There were several fashion shows throughout the night, luxury cars parked up in the front, several well known performing artists,… Read more →

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Directors of Drake’s JUNGLE short film, have a new video you should see.

  Check out the Cinematography on this one! Boy is Karim HUU DO one talanted individual from Montreal, Canada. He created this video, also known for his work with Drakes’s JUNGLE film we posted earlier. This is super trippy for the average person staying up late hours to watch cool videos online. Especially if you are under the influence of… Read more →

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ForFilmsSake’s newest project #MindfuckAcademy

We know we’ve been lacking in the posting new content department lately,  but that’s only because we’re up to some big things that will revolutionize the film and music industry here in Toronto. Currently I’m in my 4th year of film school, producing a film for my thesis called “Burst” which will be directed by a very young talented director… Read more →

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Talk about a short film that escalates really quickly in the most hilarious way. A gangster white boy walks into a store with a winning bottle cap, the story turns around when others get a hold of the bottle cap, taking it way too far, literally. It is really hard to write for a comedic short film but director Richard Sears… Read more →

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Assassins Creed theme with real life Parkour – In Paris.

There is a couple of things about this video that I automatically like, such as the use of costumes while doing parkour on top of cool structures and rooftops, the 4K resolution is just beautiful, also the fact that the whole video is Guerrilla filmmaking and they basically had no permission from anyone in that city to make this awesome… Read more →

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One of the first 360 Panaroma music videos – SUPER TRIPPY

What a cool piece of art created by Onion Creek Productions’s Ben Bloom,  Aaron Brown, and Pat Cassidy for Wild Childs music video. It’s about time someone uses the GoPro 360 technique to create a psychedelic experience looking video for the viewers. The results are awesome and definitely worth the watch. Share this on a friends wall if you agree! Read more →