Marcoc 7: The Mother Lode for Retrosploitation. Yeah baby! | RETRO REVIEW by I.M.Clarke

By Ian M Clarke “The vintage style, the reproduction and reclamation of past fashions, original objects, and old looks, is a highly commoditised phenomenon.” – ‘Retro, faux-vintage, and anachronism: When Cinema Looks Back’   There are films that represent – unintentionally but blatantly – the zeitgeist of the period in which they are made. E.g., Blake Edwards’ films of the… Read more →

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Robert Altman: Let it Bleed (The first article in a series of three)

The Long Goodbye: Rip Van Winkle wakes up in 1973 By I.M. Clarke “[In The Long Goodbye] I decided that the camera should never stop moving. It was arbitrary… We would just put the camera on a dolly and everything would move or pan, but it didn’t match the action; usually it was counter to it. It gave me that… Read more →


The Wrecking Crew: Menefreghismo at its Best | IMC article #3

In the biography ‘Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams’, author Nick Tosches sums up Dean Martin’s approach to life and work with the noun menefreghismo, which translates from the Italian as – roughly – ‘Don’t give a shit’. There’s no surviving evidence that Dean Martin ever gave a shit about anything, including the movies he made. Which… Read more →


Eye of the Devil: Sharon Tate Breaks the Fourth Wall

Recently, on these pages, I wrote about Valley of the Dolls. A few oddly oriented cinephiles suggested that I pursue a brief ‘Sharon Tate homage’. And why not. Sharon Tate has become a cultural totem. Her grisly murder injected a lethal serum into the laid-back pop zeitgeist of L.A. circa 1969. Almost overnight, hippies weren’t seen as just passive tree-huggers… Read more →

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Valley of the Dolls Revisited: The Enduring Art of Awfulness

Article By I. M. Clarke Years ago, during a somewhat strained interview, I asked the director of a feature-length Canadian film why he’d said his work was destined to be a cult hit?  He replied that, after studying the most prominent cult films, he had compiled common characteristics and somehow melded them with his plodding narrative. Obviously, he missed the… Read more →

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ALLEGORY TO ORIGINALITY – Doc Chosen for Sundance 2014′s Short Films

Allergy To Originality: A New York Times Op-Doc from Drew Christie on Vimeo. “All ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources.” – Mark Twain. Drew Christie is an animator and illustrator who has worked in every medium from filmmaking to zines.  Most recently, he has found work creating content for the New York Times’ Op-Docs,… Read more →


48HFP UPDATES – WINNERS of Audience Choice Award!

A couple of weeks ago we released a post referring to a challenge ForFilmsSake participated in last year & yet again this year. With a completely new cast and crew, it was definitely just as hectic as the previous post predicted it to be. We successfully completed the challenge ON TIME with a film we were proud of! After the first… Read more →


Also known as Motion Image Photography, this new form of photography requires pulling stills from very high definition video. The people over at The Slanted Lens break this down for us in this very informative behind the scenes and how it’s done video, testing out rain footage in different shutter speeds and lighting effects using the Canon 1D. Read more →