If you haven’t seen Drake’s new short film, its too late.

Do you get it? A lot of people are talking about this new short film featuring Drake, where we get a bit of insight into his hectic lifestyle. There are a lot of complaints from people who have watched the video and not been able to to distinguish any meaning or intention from the sequences. That’s too bad because this short film is packed with meaning and deliberate decisions. You can’t just watch it once and expect the whole meaning to be given to you. Do I get it? Yes. Do I wish to explain it to those who don’t get it? Not really. would just suggest that you pay close attention to the mood that is being set up, the color schemes that are deliberately chosen, the details of archival footage and anything else that stands out as odd. Ask questions and look out for the answers as you watch, if you truly want to understand. Let us know in the comments if you have figured it out.

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