Hello reader, my name is Rooster and I own this website. I do a lot of things actually, that’s why it has been nearly impossible for me to post anything new recently.


I’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past 3 years since I created in my first year of university studying film. This year I technically graduated, completing all my credits to be eligible to graduate but I just never pressed the button because I don’t think I am ready to graduate. There’s still a few more courses that would really help me pave my path to success in the film industry, such sound recording class and cinematography class, which I have yet to take as a professional liberal. I’m still trying to figure out my life but my career has been blossoming in the mean time.


I have been working for for the last 2 months, going to popular music festivals and events, creating short coverage videos. In the last event I covered Splash of Style To, I met someone important, a man who owns CanWood Entertainment, whom I have a meeting with soon to discuss how we can help each other grow. I am no longer anxious about the future, rather excited. Excited to be writing again too, this is another passion of mine.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.21.05 PM

If you know me in my personal social networks, you’ve probably seen me posting about these open mic shows I host every Wednesday. For the last two months, amazing performers have taken the stage at Remix Lounge, 1305 Dundas St. West, every Wednesday from 8pm and I’ve been hosting and recording these performances. On July 6th, we’re hosting a fundraiser event at the same venue, for the artists in the above picture, as I will be directing a music video for a song named Caravan by Gadda & Enn3. This will be my debut as a music video director and it would be amazing to see people I know and don’t, present at this event. Here are some performances from my past open mic shows.