To be continued 2017 + SHORT FILM OF THE DAY

Hello internet people and new readers.

I just wanted to wish you all a prosperous New Year and give an update of what is going on with this brand and other brands I’m working on. I created during my first year of university studying film, which was about 5 years ago. Since then the brand and website has changed numerous times along with writers and contributors, it went through a lot of trial and error as this was the first brand and website I ever created. As an aspiring filmmaker, I found it hard to relate to a lot of the platforms available for people like me so I took it upon myself to create a place where anyone who related to film in anyway could contribute to and learn from.

There was a bit of a movement and ForFilmsSake was growing until I stopped writing which was due to my circumstances at the time. Right now I have one writer who is this really interesting man I met at a wedding I was doing videography at one time, and he’s been contributing some really cool pieces of classic retro films. I AM LOOKING FOR MORE WRITERS, anyone interested in writing film related articles or get their films reviewed by a writer, send me a message @Roostefarian.

I eventually created another website and brand which was a bigger project I was envisioning that took a lot of my time last 2 years. MFA was originally a film I wrote while staying in LA for a month. That film idea turned into a open mic that I ran with some friends for a year. I wanted to turn it into a web series because some of the footage I got was incredible but I had no time to focus on this idea.

Then there was bigger ideas and obstacles that came with the responsibility of running an artist driven platform. I’m still a developing artist myself, its hard to be in a leadership role all the time when I’m still learning myself and I found it difficult to keep up but I’m growing my confidence. After going through some traumatic life changes as a 23 year old female artist, I eventually got a real life job as a video editor at a really cool creative agency called Anomaly which is based out of New York but they’re in 6 cities across the globe. I’ve been freelancing at the Toronto office Anomaly for the last 9 months, editing and sometimes shooting for some of the biggest brands, while having fun and creating silly dance videos after work hours.

I am currently working on my third website and brand which is going to be my portfolio site for all the different types of art I create and also the release of a project called #RoyaltyFree. I plan to start teaching people how to create their own brands, shoot their own content, edit their own videos and how to market afterwards, not only through video tutorials but actual live sessions.  There will be royalty free photos, videos and sound that I will be released for creative commons use, free of charge. You can check out the souncloud and download instrumentals here.

2016 has been a hell of a ride for me personally but I’m ready to put it all behind me and focus on reviving my art and creations for this year. Thank you for tuning and reading my thoughts, I hope with your encouragement, I can continue writing and sharing what I love.